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The W.C. Taylor Gang

Cathy * Tommy * Annelle * W.C. * Patrick

P.O. BOX 118 Grenada, MS 38902

PHONE (601) 226-7299 email:

web: http://www.geocities/Nashville/Opry/2531

Country Gospel Recording Artist

Singer / Songwriter***Circuit Rider Records

A Little History

Below you will find a list of albums recorded by W.C. Taylor, If you are interested in the purchase of some of these fine recordings, you can go to W.C.'s web page for more information.

Take Me As I Am (Country Gospel) CD or Cassette

God, Family & Friends (Country Gospel) CD or Cassette

Wayfaring Stranger (Country Gospel) Cassette

The Circuit Rider: Songs Of Hope(Country Gospel) Cassette

Old Fashioned Country Christmas(Country/Gospel) Cassette

Movin Ahead (Country) CD or Cassette

He Is There (Country Gospel) CD or Cassette

Crazy 'Bout Huntin' & Fishin'(Country Bluegrass) CD or Cassette

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