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CGMG Members and Information

THE YOUNGS: P.O. Box 116 Eton, GA 30724 * Phone (706) 226-2347

The Youngs: Jim & Jean Young, Diane Hardin, and the latest member of the group, Nicole Young.

Singing Praises and Worship to the Lord.

The Youngs sing Southern and Bluegrass Gospel Music and have releases for Horizon Music Group on Sumitt Records and Circuit Rider Records.

For Churches, Concerts, and Special Events Contact: Jean Young, P.O. Box 116 Eton, GA 30724 * (706) 226-2347

Horizon Singers Vol. 1&2 Tapes $10.00 and CD's $12.00

Promo Paks upon request!


email:none available

web: none available

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