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CGMG Members and Information

UNCLE ARVIS P. NUTT (The Ole Country Deacon): 2OO9 Briarwood, Laurel, MS 39440 * Phone (601) 649-8491

"I have high praise for Uncle Arvis P. Nutt's cut on the Rider Records Vol. 15 CD, reminds me very much of the late Walter Brennan." (Dann Hanson, DJ, Denmark)

Uncle Arvis is played by veteran broadcaster, Dave Hall, of Laurel, Mississippi, and has evolved from a radio voice on just one commercial seven or eight years ago to a full-time character who "sidekicks" on morning shows, co-hosts as a visitor and even participates in station remotes.

His radio product includes a full catalog of all new and original songs. He also does 30 second comedy bits between cuts, so programmers can "Hit quick" and move on through the format. He's available for phone interviews most mornings from his home office at (601) 649-8491.

As Circuit Rider President, W.C. Taylor put it, "Dave is no stranger to the industry or the road, and we're looking for a Christian Comedian who is ready and willing to get out there and make folks laugh a little more, and he can do it with the best of 'em."

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