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CGMG Members and Information

Morgan & Morgan: P.O. Box 453 Bruce, MS 38915

Morgan & Morgan is a father and son duo from Bruce Mississippi. William and Bill have been singing Christian Country and Positive Country music, as a duo, for the past two years. Their background in music goes back much further than two years. If you would like more information or if you would like to order some of their fine products please contact them @ Morgan & Morgan P.O. Box 453, Bruce, MS 38915 Phone (601) 983-2801 Fax (601) 983-2814

GARY PRESSON: 34 McKinney St. Mayfield, KY 42066 * Phone/Fax (502) 376-5203

Gary Presson is a singer/songwriter whose specialty is Gospel music, especially country Gospel. A relative newcomer compared to most of the singers around, he has been most pleasantly surprised by the almost instant acceptance he has received from his listeners and the other artists that he has met along the way. Gary's philosophy as a songwriter can be summed up with these words, "It's all about the songs, we are but messengers of God's word set to music, and as long as we can keep our mind set on that goal our work here on earth will not be wasted."



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